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Lara Birthday Tribute & Acts of Kindness

From: Samuel D. OJO <> Subject: TRIBUTE THAT IS TRUE
Message Body: You tagged it Birthday Tribute but wow! It got to be more than that for me. You are a lifter, you are such a lifter…I can repeat again and again ‘cos you spirit lifts the downtrodden as God has made it sufficient for you to do. You lift.. You encourage.. You cheer.. You make happy.. You exhibit such kindness like not of this world. It is just of you to get given out even while at your disadvantage. My heart prays for you. My soul touches God scrolling the hands of your time and age almost to be eternal though we all have to go someday. ‘Aunty Lara’ you shall keep on excelling.. On your enemies you shall keep on jogging.. Over life challenges you shall keep standing to share testimonies.. 50 is just a number but innumerable blessings,breakthrough, upliftment and accomplishment of heart desires. As touching those things that give you joy you shall nothing like sorrow and for those you wish to turn to good God shall for our sake stand in the gap and turn around for good. Happy BornDay Ma….From Me2You