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Delilah! Oh Delilah! – I am Lara Wise
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Delilah! Oh Delilah!


Delilah! Oh Delilah! A lady of the night, Who wrenched power form the strongest man ever, Who turned his mind away from family and friends, and the ordinances and The way and His God… I don’t like what you did, But I learnt lessons from your ways.

Don’t mind me Delilah, I always learn from the most innocuous of things. Here is what you taught me… I leant that you are a woman And a woman has great influence, Immense influence on a man. I learn that you wielded so much power on the strongest man ever.

How did you do it?

You treated him so well, And saw his God as your adversary, So you treated him well, So well that he forgot who he was, You ‘lovingly’ drew him close and away from other things, You alone could lay his head on your lap, Samson? The strongest man? Who dared come close? Not to talk of touching his head? But you did, And caressed his hair, And  romanced him, his ego and pride, And you made him feel like THE MAN.

He felt free to tell you not only his conquests, But his failures and fears, And I figure you didn’t castigate him, Delilah. But prodded him to do more, I suppose you fed him, And leaving your ‘enclave’ was always difficult for him each time he had to. I figure that his mother warned him against you and perhaps nagged him to bits and everyone too did.

But he could always come to you when the whole  world turned against him And when everyone was screaming at him, He could find peace on your lap And comfort on your bosom You knew he would run back So you made it easy for him to do so.

You know what Delilah?

I wish our New Testament-church-going-fire-spitting-heaven-bound sisters would look your way for a second And just learn. Learn that men have power

But we have the influence And the power, To pull our  husbands away from issues that nag them outside, From distractions that beset them daily, I wish we knew, like you did Delilah, That we can make the house and the bed and the meals so good, That he keeps coming back home, That when they nag him outside the house, We love him inside the house, When he fails outside, He conquers inside, When he is bruised outside, He is nursed inside, When his head is knocked outside. He can lay his head to rest on our lap and our bosom, I wish we would learn that every man needs some ‘Delilah treatment’ at some point or the other, I wish we would play Delilah, sometimes, In so doing, we may, maybe, just maybe have pulled him away form the other Delilah

The one who is waiting on the flanks….On the wings….Waiting…..Watching….For that time when he is ‘Delilah-treatment-starved’